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Wrath Oskvro

  1. New Song Coming + Other News

    Finished writing both the guitar and lyrics to a new song, titled 'Consume You'. All that's left is the synth and drums which won't take long at all since they're mostly just accenting the guitar and vocals! I'm predicting in 2 weeks at the latest the song will be available so long as I don't have any technical issues. To see the lyrics, just go here: http://wrath.artsie.me/lyrics-the-meditation/ and click 'Consume You'.

    Also, I've decided that I'm not doing this Chapter 1 and Chapter ...

    Updated 25-05-2012 at 18:28 by Wrath Oskvro

  2. Wrath Oskvro Song Queue

    Just a small update to tell what's going on with my music. Heres's a (small) list of the songs I'm actively working on going by the order of which they are planed to be released.

    1. Shanoa
    2. Sleeping With A Stranger
    3. Rage Guy
    4. Consume You
    5. 21st Tragedy

    I know it's been a while since I've released anything new but, life happens.

    In other news you can download the tracks from my B-SIDES album here: http://soundcloud.com/wrathoskvro/sets/b-sides-21/
  3. Possible new guest appearance!

    I'm looking to find a female vocalist to record for a few parts on a new song of mine, "Sleeping With A Stranger". I may have found my vocalist, and she's an incredibly talented singer, not to mention very sweet to her fans. Ever heard of Veela? Check her stuff out, it's top notch. http://soundcloud.com/veelabeats

    This is not in any way official as I'm still discussing it for her back and forth through email. But I hope she says yes, because she'll make this track sound amazing. ...
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