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  1. The Next Chapter Of My Life

    Three months ago I decided to do something that would change my life if it got approved, yesterday evening I received the news that I wanted to hear and boy am I over the moon!
    I applied for a Canadian Holiday Working Visa back in early March so I can, of course, work & live in Canada for a year. I got the visa in March/April time after applying for one of the many quotas that were available at the time I was applying on a first come, first serve basis. I manage to get my application just ...
  2. MCM Expo Weekend & Leveled Up Another Year

    I seem to be always delaying typing up my blogs when I’ve been out doing stuff…although working a lot of the time doesn’t help me with giving me enough time to type them up as well, so yeah, blame work haha.

    Just under a month ago I decided to head out to merry old London for the weekend to go to it’s two yearly annual comic convention which is held every May & October in the year: The MCM Expo (or London Comic Con). I haven’t been to MCM for a good few years now, the last time ...
  3. Oh Canada! My Holiday To The Land of Maple Syrup!

    I should've really typed this up as soon as I got back from my holiday, but unfortunately I got incredibly busy as soon as I got home (yay for working the day after I get home! ).
    After I made my last blog post I was getting myself ready to go to Canada for a 2 week long vacation, which I really needed after the busy few weeks of work I had to endure. I left for Vancouver on the 3rd May and when I landed and arrived at my girlfriends house, I felt like I returned to my second hometown, (going ...
  4. A Few Weeks Of Fun!

    I reckon it's time to make a new blog post, so much has happened during the past few weeks that I think it's high time to update this thing.

    The past few weeks have been pretty good to me, despite working a lot I've been actually travelling around quite a bit which has been most enjoyable. Me and a friend of mine went up to stay over at another friends place for the weekend before Easter, on the Saturday we went to a theme park called Alton Towers which is the biggest theme
  5. Blog No.4 (Technically No.5) Of My Life

    So it looks like that things have started to slowly come back to life after what happened to RadioSEGA being down for quite sometime not too long ago. I was completely surprised that not just RS but loads of other sites from the SEGA & Sonic community got hit pretty bad too, but at least everything is fully back up and running once again.

    Plus it seems that my last blog post was annoyingly deleted when the downtime happened, which is massive pain in the backside if you ask me and ...
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