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  1. Does Joe Public REALLY hate the new?

    I was thinking about this the other day, and although at first I did think that new IPs of games don't sell all that much due to the unknown, I noticed that people pretty much don't watch new movies or discover new bands until someone who dives in recommends it.

    So why in particular that games that are brand new in style, gameplay, etc don't obtain the popularity or sales when they are done correctly but sell better when re-released

    I'll give you the example of Okami...as ...
  2. A little about myself.

    Since I'm posting about here for awhile I may as well fully introduce myself:

    I'm Starlight (Real name: Adrian), a 23 Years old Male who does Graphic Design for a living.

    I have Green Eyes, Brown Hair, 5"9, very slightly overweight (I cut down my size a little last year) and above average lips in terms of size. (no joke)

    Of course you know I am British English but I have Irish and Jamaican heritage (I'm what you call "Quarter Cast").
  3. Merry Christmas 2012!

    Just to say Merry Christmas really!

    It's not all good news from me though....kind of in some troubles regarding potentially not being on the internet early 2013 (or generally trying to keep the house).

    I'll be on where I can should anything happen but just a warning.

    I still wish you well at Christmas and hope you are fortunate enough to have many many games!
  4. This site has a great little community!

    I guess this is a praise post, but I think you guys deserve it, and I rarely blog any more....due to many different reasons.

    I found RadioSEGA whilst browsing on my iTouch (I don't use it much now), and wanted to find something SEGA related to listen to...and lo and behold, I find this place (not the site at first), but I knew it existed thanks to ResidentSD!

    Anyway, to my delight and surprise, there are many UK members here, and I hope to become more of a familiar face ...

    Updated 04-01-2013 at 13:14 by Starlight

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