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  1. TCB Blog Entry #6 - Issues

    Quite the read, so if you're bothered to read it all then go ahead.

    I don't know how to begin this; still having a mix of emotions going through me.

    It began with my father calling me and say that either Thursday night/Friday morning me and my brother have to pack up our stuff and get ready to go into a shelter. Right there and then, I felt myself sinking. We have moved between apartment to shelter, and for nearly the past decade what I felt about all of that built up. ...
  2. TCB Blog Entry #5 - Not Sure What to Put Here..

    This is something I feel nearly everyday, just with varying levels depending on mood.

    Maybe the problem with myself is that I think ahead too much for my own good and I feel negative because of it. I keep saying 'can't' because it has been ingrained in my memory for so long with me trying to be more open/social I build up negativity about myself. And I'm afraid to 'push myself' because I'm too enclosed in my own bubble so to speak I'm going to feel uncomfortable before and afterwards. ...
  3. TCB Blog Entry #4 - Omigawd I'm Still Here.

    Well, see, here's the thing; I had no wifi access over the weekend on this laptop. For some reason, the router I had to connect to where I'm staying at wouldn't let me connect properly. It says it's "connected" while still in the "Identifying Access Point" phase. Truth be told, I was pissed.

    So now I have all these things to look up and stuff, but I wasn't gone just like that.

    Now I have some catching up to do...heheh.

    Otherwise, everyone
  4. TCB Blog ENtry #3 - ....

    I'm only making this to vent my frustrations over something that recently happened. Mature language may appear.

    God......I was chatting with foreversonic during his show today, nothing wrong with that. As soon as I'm done, she'a questioning who I was talking with. I say it's one of my friends; she, in 'moral guardian' mode, goes off on ME about talking to strangers over the internet.


    Look, I know the internet is full of crooks and rapists and stuff ...
  5. TCB Blog Entry #2: - Now On dA....and Other Things...

    I now have a deviantART account...couldn't help it and I don't care if I don't have a scanner right now. But now I'm working on getting one. About that however, I need help on finding an affordable one. So, if any help is given I really appreciate it.

    Anyway, My Senior Thesis is almost nearing its mark, and from there My A.P. Government test is about two weeks from now. I'm gearing up for upstate commnuity college..but need a summer job of some sort. Wow, these last five months will ...

    Updated 25-04-2012 at 22:39 by TheChaosBlue

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