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SEGA Remix Zone

Rexy has been known for quite a few things on RadioSEGA. Making music, hanging out here, and even picking some awesome remix requests for their shows, with Saturday Night SEGA in particular taking it as far as a "Rexy Request of the Week" each time.

Every Friday, she will post in here with some new Remix highlights over the course of the week. They will come from a wide variety of websites, and you never know what's around until she's done scouting around!

  1. SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for June 14 2013

    With one week left before Sonic adds one more year to his lifespan, it's natural there'd be a lot of coverage this June covering the blue blur himself. And it's around OC Remix and VGMix in particular that attention really escalated over the past few weeks. Been a while since I did one of these blogs as well, so I'm going to spotlight these and see what you guys make of them.

    Guifrog - Sonic 3D (32-Bit) "Renewal" [OverClocked Remix - #2667]
    As we've seen on the show ...
  2. SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 31 2013

    Oddly, there didn't seem to be as much 80s coverage as I was hoping there would be, but there had been some wild sightings going around Youtube over the past month. It's here that these tracks have offered recent spins on tracks that if you yourself haven't played, then it may have been an elder relative by around 10-15 years, maybe even a parent if you're THAT lucky.

    But either way, it's mostly live instruments here nevertheless. Let's take a look, shall we?

    Senjan - Wonder ...
  3. SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 17 2013

    So we've been two weeks without a remix blog. I'm recovering well, and so I have a lot to catch up on. This blog will go through my biggest highlights over the past couple of weeks, two of them will be played on tonight's SEGA Mixer Drive and the other was played in last week's pre-recorded Saturn special. Let's go through this!

    LA SÉGA - Sonic 3D (32-Bit) "Green Grove Act 1" (Youtube Single)
    It appears that May may be "cover month" going by a couple of tracks ...
  4. SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 3 2013

    I guess last week's Sonic deprivation had really kicked in with this week's selection, because that appears to be the only main trend through this week's selections! But there are some cracking tunes here though - a couple of new Bandcamp releases, and a remix on a site I barely visit! But it's all worth it though, as these managed to catch my attention this week, so let's take a look!

    Ample Renitence - Sonic series [ALBUM] - Hedgehog Committee Part Two
    One thing that made its ...
  5. SEGA REmix Zone - Selections for April 26 2013

    So on this week's SEGA Mixer Drive, it's Sonic Free Week. And you'd be surprised at how much material I had been able to discover that doesn't involve blue hedgehogs or anything. This blog does include something that was posted during last week's show as well, which couldn't be covered due to last week's "Blue Skies, Green Hills" hands-on. It takes some digging to be able to find such material, but upon discovery things turn out for the better a lot.

    So let's go through them ...
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