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  1. Videogames development

    Today everyone has heard about such brands as Sega Nintendo and Apple. The old generation of gamers remembers with warmth their first game consoles, although inside their houses has long been invitingly flashing diodes of Xbox and Playstation of recent generations. Many people even going for a walk take handheld consoles, from the same manufacturers - Sega and Nintendo. But how did this game industry develop?

    Video games are a controversial thing. Someone treats them as a concentration ...

    Updated 27-12-2017 at 13:50 by AlastorGinn

  2. Hyper's Quest: Mystic Warp is now available for download!

    This is the first Sonic fangame I've made, and it was made using GameMaker 8. The playable characters my fan character, Hyper (who looks a bit like Super Sonic because being original is hard and some people prefer that I keep this design), Sonic, and a few other bonus characters. A few things in the game were incomplete, such as the "Under Construction" level, which is just the test level, but I'm pretty sure you'll all enjoy the game. So with that being said, here's a link to the download ...
  3. Studiopolis Zone Skin for Winampo media player!

    After a long time of working on it! I have completed my Studiopolis Zone Skin for Winamp! You can view a tour of it down below!

    It has all kinds of features and looks very bright and colorful! You can download it through the youtube page or get it from my website! http://www.Ineedmorcowbell/downloads/mods/studiopolis-zone-winamp-skin/

    Updated 05-05-2017 at 22:39 by Ineedmorcowbell (crazy tags everywhere)

  4. project game is created Open Here Me

    It is good to be here and start talk about my project.

    But first happy birthday Ardis of sonic's team and Sega

    If you want to hear about my project go here you hear what I'm listed down when I'm working on.
    Yes I make good sonic riddle musics.
    With also read the mix. But I can tell you I have a software that can make even greater musics.
    I don't even need any order to make great musics now I got it now
    that last me a lifetime. Studios engine changer. ...

    Updated 24-06-2016 at 01:24 by JorgeBunny

  5. Where would you be right not, if sonic didn't exist?

    So this, I feel needs to be brought up. What would your life be like, if sonic was never made? (note: Sega is still a thing,just not sonic.)

    I've heard story's of people saying, that if it wasn't for sonic, they wouldn't have made it through life and may have even died.

    I just wan't to see some peoples responses to see what the blue blur has in packed.

    and sorry if this has already been talked about.
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