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Conversation Between Quills on Wheels and Gavvie

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  1. Oh... well thanks anyway I guess.
  2. I didn't change it. Someone else must've done it.
  3. Ah cool. Thanks a lot for the name change. I thought you might have forgotten. Again, thanks a lot. It's good to finally completely run away from... "BiggestSonicFan". I feel a lot more original.
    ...I'm still the Biggest Sonic Fan of course.
  4. Just wanted to thank you again for considering to change my name(though yet it has not been changed). So thanks.
  5. Gavvie you there? Did ya read my PM?
  6. Gavvie what is this! I can't PM, nor can I look at any of the groups. I can't even befriend other people! If this seriously is an April fools joke than it's over. Have you like disabled my account or something?!
  7. Whatever
  8. Decisions are final. I said no, Option closed the thread. I have faith in my Mod team, and if you don't like it, you know where the door is.

    I told you in a Private Message that I wouldn't support the idea officially, but that you were welcome to discuss the matter with the other forum members. They didn't seem up for it either, so the thread was closed as the discussion was going nowhere.
  9. I did get your PM. You're more than welcome to go ahead with that idea if you want, but I'm not going to officially endorse it.
  10. Gavvie did you get my PM or what? I was hoping you could think about my idea.
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