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Conversation Between Whooa21 and ozzypt

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  1. i thought you were going with metal sonic whooa? but then again i think shadow is better then metal sonic : P
  2. Thanks
  3. congratz on your promotion dude!
  4. Bender looks alot like homer in physically BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS is epic xD always think about booze, drugs and telling people to bite his own ass
  5. "Bite my shiny metal ass!" Oh my god, I love bender!
    or "I am Bender, Please insert Girder"
  6. Futurama is a great show kinda wish they would aired it here in Portugal FX used to but they stooped :/ and fox used too but noo only simpsons family guy american dad and the cleveland show. what a bummer zoidberg and bender are my favorites
  7. How about Fry? or The professor? hahaha
  8. I don't always start a conversation but when i do why not zoidberg beowooepupupupup
  9. Hello Zoidberg. WoopWoopWoopWoop!!
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