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Conversation Between Starlight and Gonic

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  1. Cool. Although I find it hard to be independent sometimes due to the aspergers.

    lol Indeed.

    Same goes for twitter...and it pretty much ruined one of my friendships with someone.
  2. I will talk to Shaddix about a possible future meet up then! And no worried im shy but i talk alot because of it xD

    Reknoc is very opinionated but he is an awesome dude :D And i dont blame you for getting rid of Facebook tbh its pretty shit
  3. Indeed he is.

    I would be okay with it, but I am a very quiet dude IRL.

    I don't have Facebook unfortunately. I got rid of it two years ago.

    I see that Recnok is my opinionated rival, been awhile since I had one of those!
  4. I only found out myself he lived near me a while back. He's great to talk to.

    Obv the meet up wont happen if you two arnt comfterable with it. Its just an idea after all. Also add me on Facebook: Gareth Gonic Hughes :D (without the smiley lol)
  5. Indeed, and I noticed he has my brothers name and is the same age.

    LOL Stockport SEGA, I like the sound of that!
  6. Shaddix is a awesome guy. We have quite a bit in common. And yeah he lives about a ten minute drive from me. We should hold a mini Radiosega meet up and write about it here lols
  7. It's not that rare, Play/Amazon have it for cheap!

    Good idea. I should do that...but you are part of the News Team!

    Talked to Shaddix the other day, seems we live quite near each other!
  8. I never got to play Last Story (and now its as rare as the Tales games) So i'll take your word for it. Why not post something in the support section requesting a notification for when your wall gets posted on? :D
  9. Fair enough...I wish there was someway to know when someone's replied to me here.

    Mine is StarlightLotice.

    I was surprised too when I heard Syrenne's voice...I literally went "She sounds like a female version of me!" looked her up, and Bob's your Uncle...she's a Stopfordian!

    Syrenne as a character acts like a Stockie lass too.
  10. Yeah I have Skype. But I hardly use it atm. I think my Skype name is Gonic07
    Or Gonic. And that's quite surprising considering Stockport lols
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