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Conversation Between Rayne and Tammy

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  1. Heya x3

    Heh, yeah it sucked O: I mostly just lost movies and pictures, the really important things were still on my laptop, so it wasn't a disaster. I'd never beat up my rock! ...he'd kick my ass >_<

    You can do that heck you could make them sound like a parrot, trumpet, video game...loads of weird things really :I

    I've always found History really boring >_> I'm really good at writing about debates or political issues. Things that make you create an argument and then support it I find that really easy.

    Hehe I didn't know that, I've always thought Diet coke tasted awesome :D Mountain Dew is awful!

    Yes ;0 me and my drinks are very close, we're the best of friends!

    Awe :D that's cute. The Lion King is one of my favorite movies.

    Vocals are so good x3 do you sing often?
  2. OMG! Iron Giant made me cry I loved it! I cried when the Giant sacrificed himself to save Hogarth and the people. I would watch the movie again! and again! and again! you?

    My Instrument is my vocals

    Grrr you monster you, I shall be right behind you with a plastic spider the next time you go to get a Diet Coke from your fridge, hehe I'll be there to mess it up :D
  3. Hello :}

    Wow that must suck, loosing all your saved stuff, You should always make a mental note of data , but eeeeek that must of made you beat up your rock, after loosing all that progress! :o

    Once I get an SD Card I'll do that, :D oooh sweet, I would make the Ting Tings sing in a male voice, slowed down ( If you can do that) and laugh! .

    Well you know what I mean like an essay that has to be a certain number of words or more for it to be complete, 5000 pssh thats to easy, really. Yeah depends of what I'm writing about I can write about Nature, or Protests, Or reasons, really easy, I'm not as good in History though. What are you good in writing about?

    You mean Spicy doritos? I like all kinds of Doritos I dont care wat flavour I eat 'em! :D Diet coke, like Hawaiin Punch in Diet flavour have an After Taste that makes it taste a bit blugh, But its not in the "ugh, I hate this drink" category, Hehe sorry, Didn't know you and your drinks were so close , I like Mtn Dew! :}
  4. Heya :D

    Mm, sometimes it's better to spend a little extra and be sure that it won't break :I I had a back up hard drive that crashed, I lost alllll of my saved data...that was annoying v_v

    Once you have an SD card you can have a lot of fun with the audio thing :D you can play with your favorite songs, which kept me amused for hours.

    You do essays that need to be mroe than 500 words? doesn't everyone? Or maybe you meant 5000 heh, well essays are pretty easy, depends on what you're writing about doesn't it?

    Bleeeh, I like the hot Doritos :D they're pretty good but I really hate the cheese and blue ones XP :O you don't like diet coke?! Everyone likes Diet Coke!! It's the best drink on earth

    I haven't seen Iron Giant in years :D did you enjoy it?

    Awe x3 that's a shame, it's a pretty cool instrument.

    Mwuhahahahaha! I knocked down your score :D
  5. Seinfeld is by far one of my favorite shows, Yes please keep an eye for it and keep the show alive! In the US the channel to watch it is 13. Ill post more Seinfeld scenes later, and oh I forgot bout them scary sites! Ill get on it.

    Eeek you have reduced me to talking very little, you monster! j/k.
  6. Oh errands kay,

    oooooooh yeah SD Card, my DSi had something about entering a SD Card, I found one for 6.99 but looks cheap so I'ma get a more expensive better one that wont mess up.

    Hehe what? my score of about 7 thousand words? I do essays at school taht have to be more than 500 words easy! :} But still go ahead and least try to beat my score :D hehehe

    Yeah spicy hot cheetos the bag is called Flamin' Hot Cheetos its super good, but I still like Doritos waayy more. :d, Minstrels??????? what are those? eeeek Diet coke with an aftertaste yuck! :D

    I'm watching Iron Giant right now :D

    Ahh see I don't know the first thing about the dreaded Guitar. xD

    Yep It pulled her extensions off though not her real hair, It was an accident to, unless that acrobat had it in for her >.>
  7. I guess if you were pulling the strings it miiiight break you gotta strum them, but ah well.

    Y'owch O_O I think her new album is called Circus, or something like that. Having hair torn out is not really that nice...

    Seinfeld looks like it's worth watching I'll keep an eye out for it!
  8. Hey Tammy! x3 I gotta run out to do some errands so I'm gonna type this uber fast :O

    DSi to comp? You'll need an SD Card you can get a huge one for a few dollars, it'll store your music tracks too.


    Something like that should work just fine

    That's okay if you don't want to talk about things, not being confused is a pretty good thing at least :D right?

    Heh, my arguments are over for now, things are a little strange though >_>

    I'll never be able to beat that score O_O Oh...my...gosh...

    Ohhh, so spicy cheatos huh? :D I wanna try em! I always hated the cheese ones XP but I love spicy food xD hmm...though I still think there's a better bribe, like Minstrels O_O mmmm....tasty x3 though Diet coke would be good too :D
  9. Hey how do I get the pictures my DSi into my comp? the USB port on the DSi is to small for the USB cable that I use, so I was wondering if you knew. hi! :D
  10. I got way more funnier stories from Seinfeld.

    I was confused I'm not anymore, I'd really not rather want to talk but it I got past what I was worried about, I dont want to bring it up again.
    Hehe I hope your winning those arguments.

    Hehe Well I do talk alot, yay for me! :D

    Try to beat my score. :D

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