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Conversation Between Quills on Wheels and Kaito-kun

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  1. You don't have to say every word. Just call me Quills or Quillson.

    heh... Quillson...
  2. But if it's abbreviated BSF sounds much better than QOW.

    Saying "QOW" aloud sounds like "Cow" to me. At least BSF always sounds like "Bee-Ess-Eff".
  3. Don't ya like my new name? I figured it's a lot more original.

    But yeah, time to move on. Of course, I will always still be and dream to be the Biggest Sonic Fan, even if I don't necessarily show it.
  4. Why?! Why did you forsake your name?! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

    Ah well, either way you'll still be BSF to me.
  5. ahhh me? Well, both my laptops have crashed and I have trouble finding a new computer. Also I was quite busy lately with my exams, school, others. RS was fun but I seem to have gotten a bit less interested than I used to be. I'll see if I can come on again.
    Never thought anybody cared anyway.
  6. *Pokes* Where have you vanished off to?
  7. Is it possible to re-open or re make the story game thread again in like lets say... a few weeks?
  8. Your RIGHT! Your turn!
  9. DAAAMN YOU! i was the Right full winner!
  10. Nope. I don't think I'm able to edit other user's signatures.
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