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Conversation Between Option and Quills on Wheels

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  1. oh yeah, now that I have a point, you say the discussion's over.
    Very smooth.
    Admit it, Gavvie saying no was just an excuse for you to close that thread. Very impressive from a moderator. Or should I say playlist manager.
  2. And I'm not a moderator for nothing, no need for you to be a little whiny baby about closing your goddamn thread.
    If you wanna complain about me, direct your complaints to Gavvie. I won't be reading your messages anymore. This discussion is over.
  3. I said this before and I'll say this again. If your way is to close a thread if Gavvie says no, than why the heck didn't you close many of the other things like one of my early threads which was my stupid Sonic FPS idea that went the wrong way. I'm sure Gavvie said no many times but it's not closed yet. Than why this?!
    And besides, if Gavvie wanted it closed than why didn't he close it himself. His not the administrator for nothing, no need for you to interfere. I'm pretty sure he was not lazy.
  4. What the heck? We barely lock anything. There's no sense in keeping a thread alive just for the hell of it, I closed it because the SITE'S OWNER said no. If the site's owner says no to your idea of an addition to the site, then there's absolutely no, and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO, reason to discuss that certain addition anymore. This isn't "mean", neither about "not agreeing with me", and neither is it about being spammy or bad, it's about halting a discussion that makes no sense as it will never see any fruition.

    If you can't bode with the decisions of the staff to lock threads (that isn't even a punishment in any way!), then feel free to talk to Gavvie about this decision. If he disagrees with the staff member, then he will tell them and undo whatever they did. Or, alternatively, you are free to leave by all means, nobody forces you to stay here.
  5. Ugh... You guys are just sooo... mean. Now I understand why Wrath wanted to leave. You'll close anything that does not agree with you. I mean seriously, what's wrong with having a thread open that's nothing but a suggestion? I mean you never really closed my Sonic FPS idea thread. so why this? Was it that much of a problem to discuss with you guys some ideas. It wasn't a spam, didn't have "Bad" stuff. I just don't get you guys. What's wrong with you all?
  6. I will not re-open the thread. All staff members who posted said no, including Gavvie as owner of the site. There's not "many" people who said yes, that was only like what, 2 or 3 people?
  7. B-B-But why? It was getting interesting. I know many of you guys said no but many also said a good idea... Why? I mean sure, sometimes I make bad ideas but there was no real reason to do so... Please re-open the thread.
  8. Happy B-days Option!
  9. Coincidence.
  10. I don't really push people to do a thread. if they don't like it, they don't need to do it.
    Just one question, You have closed 2 of these treads now and I wan't to know, do you have anything against a top 10 favorite sonic music? Just asking...
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