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Conversation Between cdrom1019 and Xavior

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  1. ok, first off....
    We need more music and less chitchat.
    Second, the reason why eggman said in Sonic generations "the other Hedgehog" was about the real Sonic Adventure 2 ending, spoiler alert, it was about Dr. Gerald Robotnic (genesis Sonic's nemesis).. Learn your bloody sources.
    Next, about the modern Sonic experience, Sega should make 3d sonic games and Christian Whitehead should make classic Sonic games, but they don't need to cancel the whole Sonic 3D experience. SA1&2 were great games.

    But still most off all, stop the talking and play some music... You're having the most useless discussions I've ever heard, so please stop....
    I didn't asked for this...
    Most people who tune in to Radio Sgea are hearing awesome music... Not me at this moment.
    Your show is not like a present of some sort like, it's not something you would want for christmas, let stand talk to your friend about it...
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