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Conversation Between Option and Kaito-kun

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  1. As did I.

    I'm hoping the rebuilds end with the two of them getting together. Anno loves to mess with the fans and I've no doubt it would upset a fair number of people if it happened. (Although I highly doubt it will happen)
  2. Man I liked the sexual tension between those two in the series.
  3. I shall play you... the song of my people. :3

    Yea, it's an awesome avatar, heheh.
  4. Your latest avatar amuses me.
  5. I noticed. HI GENDOU!!
  6. Back to the roots with me! \o/
  7. *chews on said popcorn* Thanks.
  8. *Gets comfy with a bucket of popcorn* Want some?
  9. Check my latest profile messages. <_<
  10. But... cute fluffy animals. D:
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