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Conversation Between TH3 KN[!]F3 K[!]NG and Quills on Wheels

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  1. Another ones are www.usatunnel.com and www.ktunnel.com
  2. i saw ou need someproxys here are 2 i use at school
  3. so whats up in iran. tell me some news
  4. K
  5. Anyhow, I shell be going to sleep because tomorrow I've got a long day waiting for me. Cya later. and tell everyone I am enjoying myself very deeply while they are having school and tell them to have a lot of fun in school.
  6. BUT Mr Jutsen never gives free time at fridays! It's not fair!
  7. Lol we got IT next and we got free time. Today's Friday.
  8. nothing that would interest you...
  9. What are you reading
  10. Must... go... to... SLEEP!

    Noo.. 1 more chapter... This is getting interesting...
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