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Conversation Between Shadid and Kaito-kun

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  1. *Looks down* YOU PEOPLE KEEP TALKING IN FOREIGN! How am I supposed to be nosy if I can't understand your conversations?!
  2. You miiiiiight wanna take a second look at that net. *sneaks up behind you*
  3. Ah, but you have walked right into my trap! *A net drops down upon you*

  4. *takes out sword* En garde!
  5. CHARENJIERUUUU AKUSEPUTEDERUUUUU!!!! *Also poses dramatically*
  6. I am challenge you to a duel! *random pose*
  7. Yaaaay!
  8. Told you he'd be back.
  9. Don't worry. He'll be back in style. And no, you're not dead...yet.
  10. B-B-but...Godot > Kenshiro! *Hides before Kenshiro makes me already dead*
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