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Conversation Between Shadid and Kaito-kun

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  1. He hasn't gotten rid of. He just went searching for his eggnog. Thus asking Kenshiro to replace him. >_<
  2. You got rid of Godot!!! >_<
  3. I dunno, for a sip of tea?
  4. Why would Resident Super Dudley and I have fought?
  5. That's because you never fought...Like gentlemen. >_<
  6. Gaaaaah! Of course, how could I have forgotten Resident Super Dudley?! >__<
  7. Kaitoooooo-Kukukukukuukupo. I can join your super hero team, kupo. And you forgot ResidentSD, kupo! >_<
  8. Shadididididididdidddy-kong racing. How about you and I form a forum moderator/staff super hero team? It'd be like me, you, Miss Mena, Richardavies, Option and...Um...Who else is staff now?
  9. ...Touché, my friend. Touché. *sips tea*
  10. True, but Hatsworth doesn't have a film.
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