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Conversation Between Shockerbey and Quills on Wheels

10 Visitor Messages

  1. Yeah lol. Changed it for the better. A LOT better.
  2. me gusta ur new name man, wondered who the hell it was lol
  3. Man, I am just kidding you! If you don't want to put anything than dont! I didn't say you have to do it.
  4. a what now
  5. Good, now you need a avatar picture!
  6. there i put up a picture
  7. shows my view on things atm so ill see if i can find something half decent. none takin
  8. What if you would put a picture of your favorite sonic character? OR ANYTHING! When i look at your name and above it, a questoin mark, I think that I am friends with a new boy! lol! No offence.
  9. Hey Shockerbey, Sereiosly get an avatar picture and maybe a profile picture too!
  10. Hey man! whats up?
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