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Conversation Between crush on sonic and TCB

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  1. Loved that episode as well, as it really highlighted Sonic's fear of water!
  2. actually I don't know which season was which, seeing as I watched all the episodes on youtube only...
    But I can tell you that my favorite episode is definitely CRUISE BLUES- it was hilarious!
  3. ha, yeah Sonic Heroes was a good game; story was kinda chessy and somewhat repetitive, but it was fun nonetheless.

    I played Sonic Adventure 1 and 2; love them both. The classics (Sonic 1, 2 3&Knuckles) are very good, yet I never finished them...
    Shadow the Hedgehog was alright....definitely should have been better. 2006 was a mess sorry to say; the story was way too realistic for my liking of a Sonic game, all three hedgehogs played awkward (Sonic especially), and the Amigos were worse.
    and yet, that game is like a guilty pleasure for me. I own Unleashed, and I love that game, ot's very underrated. Colors was way better than Unleashed was, and Generations cemented that...

    So, you like the Sonic x series? What's your favorite arc/season?
  4. oh well I was in 4th grade back in the year of '05-'06 and just got a new gamecube system, then I was introduced to the Sonic team when my father bought me Sonic Heroes. I thought the game was pretty awesome, but then about two years later the gamecube system broke down and i hence had no connection to Sonic thereafter.

    Then about 3 (maybe 2 1/2) years ago I "rediscovered" Sonic on youtube. I was really into the Kirby tv series (courtesy of the Redbox DVDs) and was watching an episode on youtube, and on the side there was a link to a SonicX episode. I clicked on it and I loved the series.

    I currently own a Wii and 2 Sonic games (4 if you count my gamecube games)
  5. Nothing, much...so, what got you into the Sonic series?
  6. wats up
  7. hi
  8. Hello
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