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Conversation Between TCB and ozzypt

6 Visitor Messages

  1. I kinda want to get one, but seeing how things are it aint gonna happen soon, what a shame because the new mystery dungeon is coming out to 3DS D :
  2. What a shame. Tsk tsk.
  3. NOOB QUESTION! you see i don't have 3ds and that friend code is what from your 3ds not from pokemon black 2 right?
    Merry Christmas btw.
  4. Have a 3Ds now; need your Friend Code for Pokemon BW2 and/or 3DS. Mine is here http://www.radiosega.net/forum/showt...iend-Code-List
  5. nice new avatar pic
  6. hi chaos how are you doing? hey i know a way he can't battle (pokemon)... not using the ds's but using this!
    i think you know what this is if you don't know what it is is a smogon simulator i guesS? you chose a format and make pokemon with moves you want etc i'm only using this for the first time but i think i got the hang of it. not sure if we can use random tier maybe has a friendly battle? i haven't tried that yet since we have trouble using the ds i was thinking we could use this tell me if you are interested
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