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Conversation Between Kaito-kun and RWDebara

8 Visitor Messages

  1. Don't be stomping all over my dreams, god-dammit.
  2. I don't see that, i still think hes going to die in some kind of way like the show. But i could be wrong, the EVA Unit 3 scene threw me off in 2.0 so maybe. Just hope they explore the relationship much more between Shinji and Kaworu than the show did.
  3. Oh, I know, right? I'm looking forward to it too. The trailers alone have pretty much confirmed a Shinji x Kaworu ending to the Rebuilds. (in my opinion anyway.)
  4. Your avatar makes me want to watch EVA3.0 already...
  5. Hey katio i just posted something on the minecraft thread with pictures and sent it in but it said it was sent to the mods for approval. Thats new :I but can ya approve it. Oh by the way, what do ya think bout the new Fire Emblem for 3DS? Wonder if Advance Wars will be similar with the 3D graphics :D
  6. lol, if ya ever need help or play a game hit me up on Steam
  7. Ah, I was wondering who that was.
  8. Added you on Steam SN is RWDebara
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