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Conversation Between Kaito-kun and Dr Shaneman

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  1. I've found a Youtube playlist featuring the entire album and the correct running order. Some of it's pretty good.
  2. "Sakura Kiss" is what you're looking for.
    I thought you know a few of these.
    For some reason the actual album tracks order is different than the sites listed order. So some of the titles were wrongly given and I had to fix them manually. The actual song is still called "JAP".
    Gundam SEED? BL? O.o Reky always said he hated SEED because it had too many female pilots in it.
  3. The title for fifteen suggests that it's the first opening to Gundam SEED (Which had a lot of BL fandom) and it sort of sounds like it but being unable to hear any lyrics I'm a little unsure. (You know how much they change the instrumental sections sometimes, don't you?) The original version of Invoke was by T.M.Revolution.

    16, right, it seems someone's borked the previews on the iTunes link...Because that definitely is Invoke (Which should be 15) Looking down J*P (From before) is there listed as number 18 but the preview played for number 10. Odd...

    Never the less, to answer your original question: I recognised 4 of those tracks.
  4. Sorry, only just noticed your post. Going through the previews on iTunes now...

    The first one is "Maru kaite chikyuu" the Hetalia ending song. (Which I love and always end up singing along to <3) I need to give series 4 a watch: I bought the DVD recently.

    Number 9 is the opening to Ouran High School Host Club, can't remember what it's called though "??? Kiss" I think... I remember the first line being "KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE". Been a while since I watched. It's a cute series.

    *Squeals* TEN IS THE SENGOKU BASARA ANIME OPENING!!! Ahem...The original track was by Abingdon Boys School, the rock band fronted by T.M.Revolution and it was listed as "J*P" on their album, but your trance album lists it as 「衝動」 for some reason.
  5. How many of these themes are familiar to you?
  6. You'd be correct.

    I did mean the image, yes.
  7. Well, considering it has "DR. S" on it I'd assume it came from you.

    The source image on the other hand is no doubt from a J-Trance CD. Yes?
  8. You probably wouldn't be at all surprised by its source.
  9. Ooooh <33

    I love your new avatar!
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