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Conversation Between Quills on Wheels and Wrath Oskvro

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  1. Yeah, I dig it.
  2. Ah! Didn't notice my name change until you said it. Seems Gavvie finally remembered to do it!
    Thanks. It's much more original from my former name. It came up to me in my PE lesson actually. I was thinking about Meals on Wheels when it just... clicked. It's not that special. I originally figured it would rhyme a bit but it's still nice.
  3. Quills on Wheels eh? Clever
  4. Yeah, your right, I do. In fact, I care a lot about what people think of me.
  5. You care too much about what people think. lol
  6. Well haven't checked the Message board for a while. So I guess it's too late to delete it...?
  7. Lmao, you realize you just uhm..well. It's on the internet.
  8. oooh that ...
    I really never had the idea of "fat" in my mind. My idea of "round" was different... very different... but it gave the wrong idea and I was very imbarresed because of that... VERY imbarresed... . I dont want to be reminded of that ever. I still had defenetally no intention and I did not really mean fat... So yeah. My actually idea was actually joke and I was hoping she would laugh... but it went out bad...

    (please just don't mention this to people... really imbarreses me...)
  9. Wooowww BSF. I was snooping around and saw your comment on Cloudchaser's page. Rule #1 don't call a female fat. Ever
  10. Ugh... fine, I'll let it go. It still pisses me off though.
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