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Conversation Between Quills on Wheels and TCB

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  1. Yeh indeed it does. All we can do right now is just stare at other people's videos which they take when they go there... Oh how jealous I get.
  2. True, true. Sucks for the both of us right now though huh?
  3. Meh. Of course, you can always go to other countries. I am definetly hoping to go one day to Dubai and visit that SEGA theme park over there.
  4. At least you had one. :/ None on the east coast, particularly New York City.
  5. I wished there was one in Australia...

    Well... it seems there WAS a SEGA theme park in Sydney until 2006 but it got knocked down.
  6. ..I want a SEGA theme park on the Northeastern United States....
  7. It's quite hilarious indeed.
  8. Searched google images, deviantart, sonic fan sites...this was the funniest I've seen.
  9. I see heheh. Excited indeed. Where did ya get it?
  10. Haha...it's his RAEP FACE!

    That, or making that face to prove he'sbetter than you.
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