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Conversation Between SEGA Red Wolf and TheChaosBlue

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  1. Shadow, Sonic, Beat. Oh yeah.
  2. Fair enough, I guess I'll take my news with a big grain of salt. And I shall also remain cautiously optimistic about it all. Who did you main in SaSaSR?
  3. Personally no; they have been known to crap on their stories in the past. And their 'sources' are really THAT credible.... mostly anyway. in all cases though, I wouldn't take their words for it until official announcements regarding those two characters are made.

    Also....they're like the only site that has this news. Tells you something doesn't it?
  4. Whoops, yes that is what I meant. Are they not a reliable source for news?
  5. Verctorman and Ristar? Awesome characters, but when I heard that, it was just rumor; I didn't see any confirmation of those two in the press article on TSS.

    ...You didn't read from TSSZ News did you?
  6. I know right? According to TSS Vectorman and Ristar are both confirmed as characters! I couldn't get more excited if I try.
  7. Woop woop you know it son.


    ...I'm hyped like crazy fort his
  8. I'd love to chat with you sometime. It'd be nice to talk to some people with similar interests~
  9. Dude, with a name like that, you need to chat with us.
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