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SEGA Remix Zone

SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 31 2013

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Oddly, there didn't seem to be as much 80s coverage as I was hoping there would be, but there had been some wild sightings going around Youtube over the past month. It's here that these tracks have offered recent spins on tracks that if you yourself haven't played, then it may have been an elder relative by around 10-15 years, maybe even a parent if you're THAT lucky.

But either way, it's mostly live instruments here nevertheless. Let's take a look, shall we?

Senjan - Wonder Boy III "Side Crawler's Dance (Remake)" (Youtube Single)
It's quaint how some tracks may end up coming about. According to the youtube page, a sibling of Youtube user Darth Equus attempted a take on the source before, but it appeared that he wasn't too happy with the result, hence the commission to remake it. I'm not too sure if Senjan played any of the guitar parts as I am not too familiar with the version that inspired this to begin with, but one thing's for sure is that it's a safe yet pleasant romp that handles one of the stronger tracks from the Wonder Boy series, subtle production values that work in its favor, and all in all just sounds so cute and fun to take in. This direction even was reflected with the paper cut stylings for the video itself - if that isn't adorable to you, what can be?

Sikthy - Golden Axe "Theme (Metal Remix)" (Soundcloud Single)
Of all old arcade games to get covered within the past month, it had to be RadioSEGA's current Game of the Month - Golden Axe! And Sikthy recently added to the coverage for said game by doing a metal arrangement of "Wilderness", or the game's theme if you must call it that way. Metal covers for this source isn't really a unique concept by far, but what worked well with this one is that there was some great attention towards counter-melody, additional drum roll work when sent in, and just getting out there and being himself with the recorded parts. Only things that may go against it though are how much of a safe arrangement it is (though with the structure there is it's been personalized well), and some loose timings with the performance, but given how far he's come already by even going as far as covering mainstream songs on his Soundcloud page over the past year, it seems like tighter performances will be the next step up to keep making that firm impression. More power to up and coming UK artists!

VGMasters - Shinobi (SMS) "Level 1" (Youtube Single)
What's with Brazil and rock bands? VGMasters may be a stark contrast to bands like MegaDriver as they record all their parts from their own bedrooms, but they still know how to co-operate and deliver! This band - consisting of GuitarDreamer (Drums), Tribbiani (Keyboards), Dark Hunter (Lead Guitarist), And Marks (Rhythm Guitars) and Murilord (Bass), though they can do other roles from time to time - very recently worked on a cover for the main theme for the Master System version of Shinobi, complete with video footage showing their performance capabilities. Production-wise it may be a bit thin particularly with not much detail given towards filling out lower frequencies, but considering the place of recording it can be excused for the purpose of seeing the group's musicianship - a fun expansion on a limited source, appropriate use of ninja garb, and some sweet solo close-ups on Tribbiani, Dark Hunter and And Marks as they handled solo spots at various intervals in the track. As a keyboardist myself, Tribbiani's charisma in particular managed to get me a lot, both with his keyboard performance and his reactions towards his camera as well. Considering what they've done in the past few months as a group, these guys are worth keeping an eye on - it's no-brainer fun, with the likelihood of seeing what else they can do in the field of Sega coverage!

This seals the last blog for the month, and will lead well into an 80s centered SEGA Mixer Drive tonight. What else will be covered then? Only way to find out is tune in!


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