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SEGA Remix Zone

SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for June 14 2013

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With one week left before Sonic adds one more year to his lifespan, it's natural there'd be a lot of coverage this June covering the blue blur himself. And it's around OC Remix and VGMix in particular that attention really escalated over the past few weeks. Been a while since I did one of these blogs as well, so I'm going to spotlight these and see what you guys make of them.

Guifrog - Sonic 3D (32-Bit) "Renewal" [OverClocked Remix - #2667]
As we've seen on the show in the past, there can be a lot of incredible remixing talent stemming from Brazil. Don't let Guifrog's sample bank throw you off though - for a handful of his past OC Remix submissions he's been able to take his arrangements in a more romantic direction, and this entry took not only his writing capabilities but also his production skills to 11! The mix notes showed that the track went in a sweet direction - volcanoes and their means to purge the Earth before life can begin. It may be an orchestration of an already dynamic orchestration to begin with, yet he managed to show a lot of character with his instrument choices and arrangement progression, from the subdued chaotic intro through to the more rugged tom-driven moments to signify the earth's purging. Even right at the end with the aftermath writing, the feel of the source was twisted on its head while still keeping the character the arrangement had. Those not familiar with Richard Jacques's score for the Saturn version of Sonic 3D may have some trouble pinning out the source, but even outside of context I have to say the ideas with this one are absolutely beautiful. To me, this is one of Guifrog's best works yet!

Jewbei - Sonic & Knuckles "The Energizer" [VGMix v4 Beta]
VGMix's Beta was made open a couple of months ago, and one of the more recent user submissions to the site came from Jewbei, whom you may remember for doing a killer "Final Zone" remix for The Sound of Speed. Those skills were maintained well when doing more remixes for himself, and that trend was continued when he approached "Flying Battery Zone" fairly recently. In comparison to "Final Progression", this one has more of a steadier house approach as opposed to the frantic progressive trance for the latter, but it appears that house and the source material have gone hand in hand really well. Jewbei has a knack for sticking with whatever structural properties made the genre great to begin with while still being able to lift the elements of the source material, so with those ideas in mind the club charm is kept just as well as the source's connections. The one thing that may puzzle some people is that most of the remix is based around the first 8 measures of the song, with the familiar melody not making its way through until right near the end - but sometimes you got to let things drop if keeping with a stylistic progression like this. Nevertheless, the sharp clarity that was sensed through "Final Progression" was maintained here, and odds are if you enjoyed some of Jewbei's past works even outside of Sega coverage, you'd definitely get a kick out of this one.

[url=http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02678/]Platonist - Sonic 3 "Thinking Cap" [Overclocked Remix - #2678]
2013 seemed to be the year for OC Remix comebacks, with Platonist coming back in after being absent for 4 years - and with yet another arrangement of one of OC Remix's most covered sources, Sonic 3's "Ice Cap". Like his past works, it seemed to pay attention towards the idea of creating a sonic soundscape (no pun intended) very reminiscent to the C64 demoscene in a way, while still being able to keep to both the source's familiarity and genre accessibility. Considering how "hypnotic" the original was, this was a very well justified decision and really gets you to pay attention to the synth textures and how they could've been achieved in the long run. Even when it took a more chiptune-driven direction at 3:08, the flow and creative writing was taken on board to match the contemporary feel outside of it, and with these twists and turns placed in, it appears to be really substantial for a mix based upon a very restricted and remarkably highly-covered source. Definitely a sweet return to form for Platonist, and I've got hopes he'll be able to send stuff in the future.

And that's our coverage for this week! Two of these tracks will be in a techno-fused SEGA Mixer Drive tonight, so join me there :D


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