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RadioSEGA Has Passed Act 2

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Hello all.

If you were listening to Saturday Night SEGA this evening, or if you have a Twitter account and follow us, you'll probably know what I'm going to write. If not:

It is with great sadness that I am announcing that, effective immediately, I am standing down as owner of RadioSEGA and RadioSEGA Media. It's an amicable decision, with us as staff deciding that the websites would be best served in the future in the hands of somebody who has the time, technology, ability and knowledge to achieve the lofty goals and targets that we have set ourselves since I took over from SEGAMark back in 2010, and that person is Foreversonic.

It's no secret that I've not been around a lot recently, nor is it a secret that I've recently moved in with Mena, we're planning our wedding, I'm fitting into a new job - my personal life is getting busier and busier with each passing day, and with that the time that I could potentially spend on RadioSEGA's continued successes are getting fewer and fewer.

For the record: Saturday Night SEGA is NOT ending. I always said I'd finish at 200, and I'm still 30-odd shy of achieving that goal. Will I still do a radio show once I get there? Who knows. I'd like to think so, but the format that potential show will take is still alien to me. I get ideas, but they're not great ones, and I certainly don't want to follow SNS up with a show that could be considered as mediocre at best.

I'll still be around on the forums as well, here and there. I try and be more active on here, but yeah - life is happening. I can only try.

I'd like to end this post on two notes - ONE: Foreversonic has my full support and backing. A lot of what RadioSEGA is couldn't have been possible without him, and I'd even argue that he's been running this site a lot better than I have recently. It's in the right hands now.

TWO: Thank you, to everybody who's been along for the ride these past three years. I've loved every minute of it.

- Gav.
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  1. TheAzureGuy's Avatar
    That's sad to hear, Gav. But you're right, RS needs to continue on, and Foreversonic is the perfect choice. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
  2. iheartsonic's Avatar
    Wow. That's so sad! You've had some major, life changing things going on and I think you've made a sensible decision Hope you stay on the airwaves though, I love SNS :D Good luck with everything
  3. HelenBaby's Avatar
    Wow, that's a surprise! If you felt like you couldn't give the commitment it deserved anymore maybe the decision is for the best though, and allows you more time to concentrate on your new priorities! All the best Gavvie =)
  4. Kaito-kun's Avatar
    Well, fuck. There goes my grand mutiny schemes. They won't be as fun to carry out now that FS has taken charge.

    Best of luck with everything, ex-Bossman.
  5. TheChaosBlue's Avatar
    Well I was shocked when this came out. To be honest, I wasn't expecting you to step down this soon. It's more unexpected really. That and it was just a normal day and show; nothing was hinting it besides from the little reminders you told the listeners during the show as an 'announcement'.

    Nevertheless, your time was was well done and have made this site grow a lot more. Best of luck with any personal matters you may have.

    As for foreversonic, he is a very good choice indeed.
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