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Videogames development

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Today everyone has heard about such brands as Sega Nintendo and Apple. The old generation of gamers remembers with warmth their first game consoles, although inside their houses has long been invitingly flashing diodes of Xbox and Playstation of recent generations. Many people even going for a walk take handheld consoles, from the same manufacturers - Sega and Nintendo. But how did this game industry develop?

Video games are a controversial thing. Someone treats them as a concentration of universal evil, which absorbs the moral side of the human person, someone worships it, buying game systems of several hundred thousand.

I do not belong to either one or the other. I believe that games should, first of all, give pleasure, support a person when it is required of them, but no more.

Is it worth spending huge money on computers of the expensive category to play games that you do not like, simply because "everyone is playing "Perhaps not worth it.

However, video games are a very exciting thing. From the beginning of the 1970s people began to think about creating a device that could help a person to escape from everyday problems.

At that time, special systems were being created for the reproduction of primitive video games. Such giants as IBM and HP began to make attempts to create a home computer, but the first in the market for games appeared company Magnavox, released in the distant 1972, its console Magnavox Odyssey.

This miracle could be purchased at a very affordable price-about 100 US dollars Soon the company releases its second set-top box, but Atari Tele-Games Pong followed it.

A little later, the titan of the game industry like Nintendo, which is popular to this day. However, they already lag far behind their competitors in the person of Sony and Microsoft.

At the same time, Apple II-the first home computer is produced. It cost, by the way, a lot of money, why the gamers still remained true to the console, especially since soon after the unsuccessful attempt of Apple (a joke-minute: Apple, which failed), the main competitor Nintendo, the great and terrible SEGA with its prefix Sega SG-1000, appears on the market, after which the company leaves in the underground for several long years, leading a kind of guerrilla war.

After the release of a new console from Nintendo and several of its Chinese clones, an angry SEGA gets out of its dark den by knocking Nintendo with its secret weapon - the Sega Mega Drive.

16-bit system was a novelty in time, why the console about It quickly gained popularity and was recognized as a cult, leaving avid Nintendo in the deep ass, after which SEGA again plunges into lethargic sleep, waiting for a convenient moment to attack.

There are cultic giants such as PlayStation and Nintendo 64, while improving personal computers that provide much more performance than the console, and, for the sake of justice, I note, a much higher price, making the transition to the PC is reluctant, but still gamers are divided into 2 warring camps, PC gamers and the console IKE.SEGA releases Saturn, better known as Mega Drive 2, however, it was trampled by PlayStation (Second joke-minute-SEGA, which failed).

Later the company releases the infamous Dreamcast. It is known because it was released just a week earlier than PlayStation 2, why, without even an intelligent advertising campaign, was abandoned in the shadow of PlayStation. In my opinion, Dreamcast is an excellent console, because at one time all PlayStation 2 were sold out, but my bat managed to snatch the console from SEGI. and it was, in fact, the first platform on which I started my gamer's way. Sega falls into a coma, does not release consoles, occasionally pleasing lovers with oldschool games for other platforms.

Subsequently, the first released XBOX, which was also quickly forgotten because of the excitement of the already proven PlayStation. This prefix had a very specific advertising, namely the video with (jump from the vagina to the grave). You can look at Rutuba, only there it is preserved. Later the company releases the XBOX 360, which outshines the PlayStation 3 because even though the console was released earlier, it was characterized by lower prices second and a wider range of opportunities.

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    If this post would be interesting to you I would make the second part of it.
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