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Boss' Blog #2

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Time for another blog of random ramblings, although this one's got a bit more of a personal touch than the first one, which really was just a collection of musings and other bits and bobs.

I'll get straight to the point - I'm not here a lot. There's no specific reason for this, only that I tend to find myself doing something else, be it on a video games console, or watching TV, or...well, anything that isn't RadioSEGA. I've lurked on the forums quite a bit, but when something has needed to be done, I've not done it. And I apologise for that.

I understand that I've not exactly been the guy you lot want me to be, and as a result I can also understand if trust in me to run this website effectively has waned. There's no amount of apologising that can change that fact, and so for that reason I'm not going to.

It's not that I don't feel that I should, because I do. It's because, as I said, apologising doesn't get anybody anywhere. So, what I am going to do is this: I'm going to be around more.

I love RadioSEGA, and my not being here probably hasn't shown that off. It's the truth, though. I've loved this place since I stumbled across it almost 5 years ago, and I do still feel an immense amount of pride that I'm the guy Mark handed it down to. At the same time, I do also feel like I've let him down these past few months.

From today, I'm going to be around a lot more, and working a lot closer alongside Foreversonic and the rest of the Staff Team, all of whom I'd like to extend my gratitude for not only keeping the ship sailing but for, quite frankly, putting up with my shit. It won't happen again, and if it does...well, I'll ride off into the sunset and let somebody else have a go. Simple.

Ta for reading.
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