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Crow's blog

Romance in space!

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I was on YouTube last night watching the "romance" scenes from the Mass Effect series and I came across a video about male Shepard trying to romance Specialist Traynor in Mass Effect 3. Obviously it doesn't go well because Traynor is a lesbian, but personally I didn't think it was handled very well. That and some of the comments made on the video were really nasty (and perhaps even sexist)

I think instead of her going "you know how I like EDI's voice?" as if she was trying to imply her sexuality, she should have just said that she's not interested in men. Seriously Bioware, is it that hard? Oh and I guess I should be happy there's a lesbian character in Mass Effect 3... Well, not really. I honestly couldn't care less. Sure, she's hot and has this really sexy British accent, but that's it.

Updated 07-12-2012 at 12:30 by Crow

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