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Crow's blog

Crow's stance on gaming

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Quote Originally Posted by huntergemini View Post
Haha, yes, I'll admit I'm a bit of a loser for playing on an easy difficulty, but bear with me. I don't play games to be 'hardcore' or anything, I play for fun. Which is something a lot of people don't do these days (achievement/trophy whores and whatnot.) On top of all that, I generally suck at games. And you know what? I couldn't care less.
And my stance on gaming still hasn't changed since that post.

I still play on the lower difficulties and I don't bother with trophies. Yes, I will admit that gaming is more than just a hobby for me, but it doesn't mean I take it seriously. For me, the obsession with gaming is more to do with the storylines and characters. I try to find out every little detail about everything that I can.

The conclusion is; I'm a gamer who enjoys the storylines and characters in this medium and I enjoy a game for what it's worth, through ugly graphics to repetitive gameplay (I had to mention the latter because I enjoy hack & slash games)

Updated 07-12-2012 at 12:32 by Crow

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  1. Twinny's Avatar
    I like gamers like you. You don't make gaming like your life's work or something that makes you the "king of the mountain" or any crap like that. You just play them for the fun, to cure boredom, to just play that game as it was meant to be played.
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