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Crow's blog

Musings of an aspiring writer

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What does that bring to mind? Elves, dragons, dwarves etc. would spring to the minds of most people. For me, it's so much more than that. It's escapism, it's an entire new world of endless possibilties.

The story I'm writing is definitely a form of escapsim for me. I feel as though I'm in the world when I type. I feel as though I'm watching the story unfold, or sometimes I'm one of the characters.

But despite being set in a fantasy world, I wouldn't refer to it as being a fantasy story. Rather, I see it as a thriller. The two main characters, Alex and Elliot are trying to work out why Elliot was contracted to assasinate Alex. Obviously Elliot failed, so now she's trying to help Alex out with the mystery.

Now, why would Elliot help Alex after she tried to assassinate her? It's pretty simple; Elliot feels bad. After spending some time with Alex, Elliot realises that there's no reason for anyone to want her dead. Unlike Elliot's other targets, Alex isn't a corrupted watch guard or a criminal of any kind; she's a knight. A knight who is loyal to her duke.

Updated 07-12-2012 at 12:33 by Crow

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