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A little about myself.

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Since I'm posting about here for awhile I may as well fully introduce myself:

I'm Starlight (Real name: Adrian), a 23 Years old Male who does Graphic Design for a living.

I have Green Eyes, Brown Hair, 5"9, very slightly overweight (I cut down my size a little last year) and above average lips in terms of size. (no joke)

Of course you know I am British English but I have Irish and Jamaican heritage (I'm what you call "Quarter Cast").

Despite owning a Mega Drive and the mainline Sonic games...I never really owned that many SEGA titles, so Sonic games is what I pretty much stuck with (like I did with Final Fantasy)....I started getting into SEGA stuff again in 2009 when Valkryia Chronicles brought me back into their games.

I have been a lifelong Streets of Rage fan, so when I heard that they were none other then AM7/Team Shinobi as Overworks....I started to become a fan of that particular team ever since.

In fact, I realised that I liked a lot of Intelligent Systems games from Nintendo too (WarioWare MegaMix, Paper Mario: TYD, Advance Wars Dual Strike before I got stuck...etc)

Anyway, I would call myself a fully fledged SEGA fan (I love NiGHTS, Binary Domain, OutRun and Panzer Dragoon Orta) who is actually quite critical when SEGA does something stupid (so no one can call me a fanboy in that regard).

If you know your soccer teams I also support the SEGA-esque Manchester City...I say that as they too...make stupid decisions that fans seem to get used to. (and they are Blue)

Despite playing Sonic the most out of all SEGA franchises, I am happy to sell that IPs games if they bore me.

I am adequate talking to woman IRL but online I can talk to any woman with confidence (strange really).

I do read books, but I am pretty limited in this regard...I absolutely love Jasper Fforde's offerings...so should SEGA make a game in his ideals I would absolutely buy it day 1. (if you have read his books you will know why I love them)

I chatter on a little too much if you let me but I am friendly enough to listen also (just don't make it one sided as I tend to notice that quite a lot recently).

Anyway, that's me and I hope you enjoyed reading!
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  1. Gavvie's Avatar
    For supporting Man City, you're now banned.

    Or at least subject to frequent abuse by me
  2. Starlight's Avatar
    Oh no....are you a Red?
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