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Quills on Wheels

Quills on Wheels!

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"Quills on Wheels"
Catchy? No?

What do you think? Was the change from Biggest Sonic Fan to Quills on Wheels a good decision?
I find it more original of course. Though, some of you might say that saying BSF was a lot better than QOW. Which in that case, you could just say Quills.
Ah this name has grown on me. To think that it was just a random idea that popped in my mind during PE when I changed the term Meals on Wheels to that.

So yeah. What do you guys think about all this?

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  1. TheChaosBlue's Avatar
    To be honest, I thought Biggest Sonic Fan was so poor, especially when there are other 'Biggest Sonic Fans' out there. Quills on Wheels is much more original and has a nice ring to it. Although it was easier to abbriviate BSF than to QoW....see what I mean?
  2. Wrath Oskvro's Avatar
    I personally like Quills on Wheels as well.
  3. Kaito-kun's Avatar
    You're always going to be BSF to me.
  4. Retrix's Avatar
    I like the new name, and your new avatar!
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