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SEGA Remix Zone

SEGA REmix Zone - Selections for April 26 2013

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So on this week's SEGA Mixer Drive, it's Sonic Free Week. And you'd be surprised at how much material I had been able to discover that doesn't involve blue hedgehogs or anything. This blog does include something that was posted during last week's show as well, which couldn't be covered due to last week's "Blue Skies, Green Hills" hands-on. It takes some digging to be able to find such material, but upon discovery things turn out for the better a lot.

So let's go through them all one by one, shall we?

Dale North - Shenmue "Tomato Tomahtoh" [OverClocked Remix - #2641]
Ah, the Tomato Convenience Store. A small shop in Shenmue renowned for having one of the cheesiest shop themes around. So it seemed like a very sweet fit for Dale North, whom managed to not only give new English lyrics to the source material, but took it in a stylistic 90s-pop-inspired direction complete with relevant instrumentation and additional production boosts for tracks of today. Considering that he also did something similarly goofy by covering "Bob's Pizzeria" over 10 years ago, the chance to cover the source material was pretty much on the cards, and after being involved with an entire album covering simple jingles, one can expect guys like Dale to attend to short jingles like this and really work out something quite expansive as a result.

Eduardo Knuckles - Streets of Rage "Trance Club" [Youtube Single]
Now this one appeared more to be of an "enhancement to the original" - in this case Streets of Rage's "Attack the Barbarian" - but it turned out to be a pretty faithful recreation with as much attention made to what made the original so infectious to begin with. I've noted Eduardo for being able to create some strong initial showings on Youtube including a pleasant Ristar track from a little while back, and so I'm glad that he's been able to keep up the progress with this one while still being able to add more of his own flair once the main riff had settled down. So I see a heck of a lot of arrangement potential with a lot of heart at its core; probably not quite there in regards to production yet as I tend to not hear all that many instruments in the mid-ranges, but if he's learning the art pretty well early on, one may expect some strong things to come from Eduardo in the future. Neat showing!

Palindrome - Puyo Puyo "Mean Beans" [Soundcloud Single]
Yes, I know, it's Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. But much of its score came from the original Puyo Puyo, in which Mean Bean's VS Mode shared with the final encounter against Satan. So what we have here is a track pretty similar in arrangement ideas to Eduardo's above, but with a more basic arrangement outlook and yet still paid attention to the player's feeling towards the original through the sound selection. In fact, to me it's probably one of few instances of using synth guitars like Slayer to great effect! Listening to the track through my setup, I didn't detect anything that got too empty, though it may have benefited from some EQ cuts on a handful of parts for some instruments to come off much clearer in the long run, especially when the two main leads came together right at the end. But as a remix it's still a very firm alright submission that works as a great expansion of the source material with plenty of excitement brought in.

Rutunetsu - Phantasy Star Online "Honest Mother Earth" [Soundcloud Single]
Phantasy Star Online - a very difficult source to cover, with often some very mesmerizing tunes created from Hideyaki Kobayoshi including the source in question - "Mother Earth of Dishonesty, Part 1". Now, I struggled to make comparisons with the source material with this one, and the connections I got were rather liberal use, but with what's there we've got something that flowed seamlessly for the entire near-4-minute duration with a lot of heart given to the point that it may not be seen out of place in another PSO arrange album. With much attention paid to the soundscape and overall balance, what there is as a result is a very charming arrangement that may be more challenging to absorb in comparison to his Thunder Force 4 track on OCRemix played on SMD earlier this year, but if you've gotten a kick out of PSO in the past, it's definitely worth taking your chance!

And there's your tracks for the set! Dale's track was already played on the show last week, but the others will get their chance in this week's show, so be sure to tune in!


  1. TheAzureGuy's Avatar
    It was a fun show Rexy, can't wait for the next one. You restored my faith in RadioSEGA!
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