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SEGA Remix Zone

SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 3 2013

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I guess last week's Sonic deprivation had really kicked in with this week's selection, because that appears to be the only main trend through this week's selections! But there are some cracking tunes here though - a couple of new Bandcamp releases, and a remix on a site I barely visit! But it's all worth it though, as these managed to catch my attention this week, so let's take a look!

Ample Renitence - Sonic series [ALBUM] - Hedgehog Committee Part Two
One thing that made its rounds on the Sonic Stadium earlier this week was the release of a mash-up album from Ample Renitence, with a handful of mostly modern-era Sonic tracks being mashed together with various Beastie Boys a capellas. Most of these had already been lingering on Youtube over the past few months, including his mash-up with "Alive" and the Hot Shelter music which I played a few weeks ago; and that kind of formula kept on working well with the newly released material thrown in, including a rather quirky return to Red-Hot Skull while bringing in the backing track for "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" (!!), as well as maintaining focus by going on even newer works from the Beasties' biography ("Ch-Check Metal Sonic Out" in particular being a great highlight in regards to this). It's a simple album, but it's very effective if mash-ups are your things - it's clear AR has a passion and a way to make concepts work!

DjjD - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Biohazard" [Biohazard EP]
Also not too long ago was another Bandcamp release, this time released from a developing alias of Jakesnke17, whom you'd remember as a competitor for last year's Sonic Zone competition at OC Remix. This ended up developing into a concept album - which not only includes his compo track "Chaotic Chemistry" but also brought in 2 Chemical Plant inspired originals and a fresh new remix for the same source material. Sure, it takes a while to build in, but considering that it's the opening track for the whole thing, it's a working concept that really lifts the listener's morale. Jake's main strengths of chiptune writing also worked well with this semi-dubstep approach given towards it, and really adds to the general atmosphere here. Granted, I have a qualm with it and I feel it just ends too quick, but that's where the entire EP pretty much needed to come in just to take in the entire experience. Still a killer concept, and give Jake more time to harness his skills and he can be way up there in the near future!

DJ the S - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Adventurous Journey" [Remix Squared - #3155]
Not the most original of titles, true, but DJ the S managed to throw something really quirky in the middle of this week - a remix of Sonic 3's Ice Cap which also brings in a couple of character themes from later entries in the Touhou bullet hell shooter series. It's still dominantly Ice Cap, which is a very wise move for familiarity's sake. Nevertheless, this fusion not only helps expand on an otherwise minimalist stage theme, but also really adds towards the cold atmosphere towards it. And in true Touhou fashion, there had definitely been great attention to pacing, including a complete tempo change at 1:15 to really add in a great thrill of excitement to the whole thing, as well as a sweet chiptune-based breakdown at 2:05 briefly focusing on Cirno's theme from Touhou 6 before getting back into the basic flow of the whole thing, and a last minute key change - pretty much a lot of time and attention had been paid towards the arrangement structure, and that's really impressive for someone whose work I have discovered for the first time! If there's one thing I would've wished to see more of from the mixer, it would be more attention to the soundscape - when it's good, it's really, REALLY good, but at other parts it still feels empty - even something as subtle as a rhythm arpeggio or some simple hand percussion could do well to fill in some empty space up in the mid-highs. But regardless, consider it a huge surprise discovery for me this week, and a reminder that I need to check out Remix Squared more often!

Regardless, here's your hot new coverage for the week! They'll all be recognized on tonight's SEGA Mixer Drive, so be sure to tune in later tonight! I don't think there'd be a blog next week due to a visit at the hospital, but I can still give you all I can to reassure you that everything will be alright


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