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SEGA Remix Zone

SEGA Remix Zone - Selections for May 17 2013

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So we've been two weeks without a remix blog. I'm recovering well, and so I have a lot to catch up on. This blog will go through my biggest highlights over the past couple of weeks, two of them will be played on tonight's SEGA Mixer Drive and the other was played in last week's pre-recorded Saturn special. Let's go through this!

LA SÉGA - Sonic 3D (32-Bit) "Green Grove Act 1" (Youtube Single)
It appears that May may be "cover month" going by a couple of tracks in the set, and this was indeed the one that got promotion in last weekend's Saturn special! Paris cover band LA SÉGA (La Société des Écrituristes Gamers Arrangeurs) have been coming together as an up and coming cover band with a handful of material on their Youtube page already, though in spite of the name it's not entirely Sega tunes they work on. But it's a pleasant, organic ride through Green Grove that managed to fit to their name to a T, with a lovely organic jam that doesn't deviate from the source, but the energy is all there with twin pianos (!), swift guitar melody work, lots of percussion additions and just being pretty to take in. I really enjoyed the idea behind this a lot as well as their performance capabilities; all that can be done to improve their style in a live setting like this is a better set of microphones for them all, but even then the quality seems clear enough for a raw jam like this. I've got my eye on them for future work!

Mr Stream - various SEGA games [ALBUM] - Level Select
At the turn of the weekend, Mr Stream went through the release of his new album "Level Select", which is basically a 'greatest hits' type deal mostly consisting of tracks from Acts 1-4, as well as 3 new ones! So we can see obvious love from his selections as he went through some of his personal favorites from his previous albums, as well as some fan favorites including "You Can Do Anything", "Hydroburn!" and "F.E.A.R." But it still has some killer new material there. "Robo M.I.A." may leave me perplexed as I can't figure out the acapella, though but I do like the decision to give Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine some representation - one of those short but sweet tracks. Going earlier along though, "Dirrty Rezz" - a return to "Fear" from Rez and bringing in the acapella for Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" - really lifted the roof when first played during Saturday Night SEGA a few weeks ago and I can understand way; probably the most appropriate combination of the entire set. I do however, LOVE him for bringing together Vectorman's soundtrack with the B-52s ("Love Vector") - takes a while to get going fluidly, but as someone who loves the acapella's origins just as much as game music myself, it captivated my experience and made it very appropriate to kick off the whole thing! If mash-ups are your thing, you shouldn't be disappointed - he sent out quite the album here, and if this would be his last ever release, it's definitely on a high note.

Smooth McGroove - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Chemical Plant Zone" (Youtube Single)
One huge quirky addition to the net this week was a new release from Smooth McGroove, known for doing a-capella arrangements of many videogame songs - around 30 from when I last visited his main page. And here he took his 8-piece arrangement capability to Sonic 2's Chemical Plant, which stayed swiftly with the source just like La SÉGA's tracjm but in regards to vocal quality and general production it can be seen as very top-class for the genre and presentation. Any more words I have for this are completely unnecessary - if Spiralmouth got involved with the soundtrack for a HD version of Sonic 2 and were tasked to write a score similar to Crash Twinsanity, THIS is what it would sound like!

So I may have gotten briefer and giddier this week, but all the better to go through the tracks with. I will catch you for SEGA Mixer Drive tonight!


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