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Why do you think sonic is better than mario?

  1. Quills on Wheels
    Quills on Wheels
    Hi People! It's Biggest sonic fan Here! I was wondering why you people like Sonic more than Mario? Offcaurse their are hundeds of reasons that I can think of. But I want to know yours!
  2. IvyRave
    I just find that Sonic's more appealing than Mario
  3. ShadowPhantom
    I don't really know. My first Sonic game was Sonic Heroes and I just found it fun. My first Mario game was my brother's copy of one of the many Mario Partys. I preferred a story with actual levels over a bunch of minigames. I also found the Sonic characters more appealing to play as.

    I also find the Sonic series has better storylines. Mario's are very repetitve in my opinion. Another reason, the speed. I've always like racing games for one main reason: I can go fast. Super fast. The adrenaline rush is pure fun. Then I played Sonic Unleashed. The day levels were like the speed of racing games on steroids.

    Mario doesn't have that sense of speed. It's just pure puzzle platforming. I realize Sonic has platforming too, but it mixes it with the speed of the game to create something fun and challenging. Mario games are just challenging and I tend to get bored of the game after a few levels. Mario Galaxy is the only exception.
  4. Quills on Wheels
    Quills on Wheels
    Nice reasons Shadowphantom. I agree with you alot with the Story. One thing has always been something that made me don't like Mario that much and that's the story. It's all the time the same "Bowser stole the princes and you've gotta go and save her" thing. And it's really funny that nobody really complains. I mean eider the Mario Fans really don't care about the story or are just so obsessed with Mario Like Sonic Fans that like Every game.
    I'm still happy that Sonic has one thing that Mario doesn't and that's a Comic series. Sonic had 2 in fact. heh.
  5. thesonicfan209
    I like the speed and feel of things and yeah mario is the samething save the princess,save the princess in space,walk around a board while playing games......
    my first sonic game was sonic the hedgehog but loved him on the gamecube.
  6. SanFranciscoSonicFan
    I rather have Speed then being slow it beats as thesonicfan209 says having to save the princess over & over again it gets boring .....
    I got at least $300 worth of sonic stuff anyways so I collected over a couple years from the Comics to games to Plushes
  7. SanFranciscoSonicFan
    it dose get old if Nintendo having the similar storyline , keep having to save the Princess from Fat Bowzer
  8. Quills on Wheels
    Quills on Wheels
    Yeah... It's the same thing. And whenever you tell that to a Mario Fan, they just say that there is not need for that since that's the good thing about Mario Games (obviously trying to defend him).
  9. crush on sonic
    sonic is WAY better than mario.

    Top 3 reasons Sonic rules:
    1. awesome new genres, every time
    2. Eggman is F-A-T
    3. Amy and her Piko

    Reasons mario sucks:
    1."let's-e-go!" (seriously, where's THAT from? get a life!)
    2. He's a PLUMBER. Ok, who's dumb idea was that??
  10. melody_of_fate154
    Those are some pretty awesome reasons! I love Sonic just because who doesn't love a blue hedgehog who is the fastest thing alive? Thats more appealing than a plumber. I like it also because there is no princess to save all the time, and the storylines to sonic are different every time. Its more entertaining, and the girls in the games actually do something or play some role in the game. Sure Amy needs saving from time to time but she does kick butt sometimes and can defend herself. I could keep going but i think. I have said enough
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