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Favourite Biscuit Type

  1. Kaito-kun
    So, what's your favourite type of biscuit?
  2. Killer French Bread
    Killer French Bread
  3. Kaito-kun
    I do enjoy a chocolate covered hob-nob.

    Mikado are nice too.
  4. Killer French Bread
    Killer French Bread
    Tried mikado. Seemed like a tight arsed chocolate finger though. Hob Nobs are great but so expensive: about 2 beans a pack at my local. I get them when I have the money rolling in; a luxury buy like that ice cream that comes in small tubs with chocolate fish in. Of the chocolate coated sub genre I reckon chocolate malted milks are a decent munch.
  5. Kaito-kun
    Chocolate malted milks? What're they?

    But you're right about Hob-nob being a luxury buy and that the ice cream you describe is lovely. Due to the high price of the mid-range biscuits - such as hob-nobs and mikado - my day to day biscuit these days is a Tesco own brand equivalent of a Penguin.
  6. Killer French Bread
    Killer French Bread
    chocolate malted milks are a kind of co-op own brand trademark. They've been selling them for years. It's a normal malted milk with chocolate on one side. Must be so bad for you, but it's so easy to munch down a packet. You simply can't eat one. Or two.

    I tried these nature valley bars recently. I was a bit dubious at first as they didnt look anything special, but someone told me they were really good so I bought them instead of the good, old reliable hervester chewy bars. That was a mistake - they taste like hamster food. Dunno what the appeal is. They taste exactly as they look: a really dry sugary slab of cereal.
  7. Kaito-kun
    Harvest Chewy Bars take me back...
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