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Kit-Kat: Biscuit or Chocolate Bar?

  1. Kaito-kun
    Biscuit or choccy bar? The question is as old as time itself but here we shall finally determine the answer!

    Chocolate bar. Simple. A Kit-Kat wouldn't look out of place in a fridge. A biscuit would. Admit it, if you found a pack of digestives in the fridge you'd wonder who in the house was slightly drunk last night and tried to make tea.
  2. Killer French Bread
    Killer French Bread
    It wouldn't be such a bad idea to put biscuits in the fridge though as it would keep them dry. You see people putting bread in the fridge even when that's a bit odd because you don't want that drying out.

    I'll say biscuit to answer the question but obviously it's a tough decision. The only things I don't respect that much are the biscuit/bar halfway house type things like rocky robins or penguins. Not as rich and choclatey as a real bar and you can't dunk them in tea very successfully like a biscuit.
  3. Buta
    I love sucking tea up a kit kat stick like a straw. Delish!

    It's a chocolate bar. *nods*
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