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Why do you love sonic and why are you a sonic fan?

  1. Quills on Wheels
    Quills on Wheels
    Hi people! I am Biggest sonic fan and As you might know I am the biggest sonic fan in the world! I Always have wondered why sonic fans love sonic.

    I love sonic with my heart! I collect sonic stuff and games and I got a collection but when I look to other people's collections, I get angry because my collection isnt as big as theirs'. But I dont give up and you must give me some credite. I lived in IRAN and wasted 12 years of my life in there and sonic isnt really popular in there. But I dont give up! My inside sonic always said to me The Biggest sonic fan isn't the person who has the most sonic stuff, the biggest sonic fan is the person wo believes in sonic with his true heart and MY HEART is pure sonic!

    My Motto:
    Be You, Be Blue
    Be Super Sonic True! (And while your at it, kik Mario's bot!)

    "I'll never look back, I've got no regrets
    'Cause time doesn't wait for me
    I choose to go my own way" - Sonic the hedgehog

    What about you? Why do you like him?
  2. ShadowPhantom
    I like him because of what he represents:

    Peace, freedom, determintation, ect.

    He is the embodiment of everything good, plus the speed of the wind and an attitude towards injustice.
    Anyone can claim to be the biggest fan of something. In truth, there is always someone higher up on the ladder than you.

    Don't boast or brag that you are the biggest Sonic fan. I could say the same. There is no one true biggest fan. Everyone is equal in the fanbase, although some people may be more obsessed than others.
  3. thesonicfan209
    well basically what shadowphantom said

    I'm someone who is really obsessed with sonic
  4. SanFranciscoSonicFan
    I like Sonic Since I was little. I'm pretty sure I'm the Biggest Sonic Fan in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am REALLY REALLY OBSESSED with Sonic & now RadioSEGA for the last bunch of years.
  5. Quills on Wheels
    Quills on Wheels
    Obsessed? OBSESSED? Obsessed isn't a strong enough term to describe how much I am a Sonic fan. And your right SP, there is usually someone who is a Bigger Sonic Fan. But It's ok to dream right?
    But I REALLY do want to become the biggest Sonic Fan. One day, one day I hopefully will (If not that then at least the biggest in Iran ).
    I'm still 14 and I got a long way ahead of me. A very long way and untill I reach 40, I reckon I've become close to becoming the biggest sonic fan.
  6. kamifox1
    I'm a fan mostly because I have been for most of my life but otherwise I'd say I love how the series has some really dark parts to it but can also be really cheerful. I also love how the games are always so fun and addictive with awesome soundtracks.
  7. Buta
    I need a reason? Honestly? Isn't it obvious?
  8. Crimson'Star10
    Well in my theory I like it a lot Sonic has been my favorite since I was a little girl I played a lot of their games I also like their soundtracks and they look good in their videogames

    For some time I was looking for a good game that is speed, strategies and challenges and the sonic ones are ideal for me, but they have made me have a lot of fun I never thought about stopping playing them.
    I love his personality, and his honesty and he is always willing to help others without hesitation, oh and the many times he wins eggman eh prevent their evil plans lol.
    I do not consider myself a big fan but I have a great obsession for that blue hedgehog,
    He is part of my life and my childhood with that I like sonic and they are enough for me...
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