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    --- then the friend your trying to scare will run to the living room, where the movie is, he will say he saw something and be all spooked, and scared, ( the best thing is he will never figure it out 'cause all 4 friends are accounted for and there was no way of them to scare him) And instead of the string pulling thing, tie a string to a light switch so it can flick on and off when he goes to get the phone.

    Eeek I know I played it and I was really concetrating on the second maze and that freakin face scared teh hell out of me when I was so concentrated looking at the tiny line to follow! I got spooked bad hehe. sweet Ima' try n' find more thnx. I didn't ahve the volume up all the way though. phew. :}

    Ohhh wat talent thing did you show off? What kinda' bribes would you accept?
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    Hehe I'm a genius at making pranks that explode in your face, or make you look like a dummy, Do it and you will see who are your real buds, The one taht just stands there staring, make sure to give them a scare like hell ike do this, when your watching a really scary movie at home alone with 4 of your friends, and have 1 extra friend that the guy your trying to scare didnt see, go to the "restroom" thats when you tell your secret friend to call your cellphone, and ask the friend your trying to scare to go get it, then he would go into your room with thoughts of scary stuff in his head from teh movie, and your friend wont pop out and scare him, but he will ahve a string tied to either a remote, lamp, backpack, sheets, and he will pull the string and the thing will fall and spook him, he will turn around and see something either under the bed, in the closet, in the mirror, in another room, but somewhere where he's not totally visible, ---
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    I feed him either dirt or dust, fills him right up, What do you use? Eeeek your rock works at the police station! Your lucky he hasn't turned you in. Did your rock join the force since that Masked Rock Bandit( The Rock Stealing Theif) appeared in town?

    Ohhh I'm suuuch a joker, Kay do it and make a Video :D, yeah more realistic and like real dried up blood so yeah do it, It would be best to do your joke when you gots a bloody nose.

    Ketchup! Lol. Never thought a dog can ruin a prank

    Sorry for short reply I'm making biger room for my new master prank for next post.
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    Ugh my internet froze and i pressed post mesage and it never wnet through! uggh that looooon gpost i made gone , im to lazy to retype it ill do it later again
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    Aww thanx!, now I can scare some people >:} tehehehehe

    >.> I'm to scared to click the link, But I will when its more less scary in this room.

    Kay I won't show it to little kids >.> (First thing on mind) hehehe

    xD were you the judge at the talent shows or something? Why'd yous stop gong to concerts?

    I saw Miley Cryus on TV, and I acually turned out to like her! D:, xD rock charity comercial! xD I heard her song 7 things I dont like about you( hate about you, I cant remember), and I thought it was good, so I think I'm a bit of a fan of hers now. :o
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    Yep they got a wee litle sand box, and a place to put their juice boxes, right in the building just for our rocks. :O u use ur Rocky as paperweight!? (I do to! xD) I pay my rock with treats yep you sir have a rock as a slave, mhm I suggest you let him ride your back to work and treat him like a prince for the next few days, and your not in trouble I wont tell ^^.

    I have done that 3 times before, and it worked 100% of the time, cause the kollaid dried up looks like real dreid up blood, =], Ooooh I have so much Experience in practical jokes :D I'll think of a few more give me more scenarious, Ketchup won't do it its to Shiny and goopy.
    Give it a try and tell me how it goes xD, ahh yes any chance, I use it sometimes to see if the friends I got are my real friends, If they freak out and help they are friends to keep, If they stand there drinking their coffee looking at me, ( ahem* Molly >.>) then you suck. :D.
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    Hehe looks like your running out of things to talk about, Me on teh other hand still got ALOT to talk bouts! mostly random events . Hehe Random Events! <3333333333

    I'm so winning this lets see if I beat my own score.

    (The text that you have entered is too long (2052 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long.)
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    Awww Thanx hun *hugs*, I was to lazy to look it up. =D

    Rofl! ooh how sad, he could of gotten a heart attack, and how funny! Clever. :D,

    They buy her so called "music", I would rather hear a overweights persons thighs chaffing against each other *shudders* Concerts are to far for me, I have been to gigs though, and how bout you? you been to any concerts?

    OMG! guess what I saw on TV! Guess. ;D

    Yes I have done it before, my friend got scared and slapped it away to another friend who got this stupid face, so everyone screamed and laughed. So i suggest you do it, with a nice juicy spider , and while he's watching T.V, hes more distracted. Yes my sticky lollipop, with lint and its jagged, And I would chase you with it! :D For hours at times ;}
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    Yep only a few bunch of us are in the team, Weclome aboard! Now you can bring your rock to work, We got a lil' room where you can leave your rocks for a playdate with the other rocks, (P.S don't leave your rock next to Stoney, he has the tendacy to get your rock depressed, and sick). For the rocks! O_O

    Hehe now hey got this "....He's doing the knife thing again........" look on their face, its probably good to try something new, Something scarier hmm... ! I got it! get some red koolaid, and put it in water, don't swirl it though, and swipe your hands and arms around the rim where the water reaches the top, let the koolaid dry up n' then get toilet paper and do the same, and tie it around either of your fingers or thumb, and run to your friends screming and crying, Help, and scream bout nonsense, and when they freak out calling for help and stuff, show them teh finger and laugh!, It can probably be good to to record their reaction to
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    Oh I know how I would get out I would Pop out my handy dandy Pet Stone to stop the walls. :D Haha Ima make you squirm, Oh I got the perfect pointy sticky thing right here, Waapow! Sticky Old Licked Lollipop with lint and dustbunnies on it, and the lollipop is jagged :D Tehehe.

    (The text that you have entered is too long (2130 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long.)
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Achievement Hunter! XD Amongst other more boring things
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