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RadioSEGA Message Boards Rules

The following rules only apply to the RadioSEGA Message Boards. If you are registering to access RadioSEGA VIP features then don’t let this stop you from registering. But if you do decide to use the Message Boards, ensure you read the below rules carefully.

WARNING: Make sure you read the following rules, failure to follow the rules below will report in warnings and a subsequent ban if your posts and/or behaviour does not improve.

DO NOT use the RadioSEGA Message Boards if:
  • This is your first Message Board/Forum
  • If you are under the age of 13
  • You cannot post in correct English (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation)

The rules of RadioSEGA:
  • Ensure your posts are all in correct, understandable English.
    This means make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct. Short hand or slang writing such as “u” instead of “you” and “4” instead of “for” is not allowed. Make sure you use the Preview button before you submit your post, so that you can proof read your post and correct any errors.
    If you are from a country where English is NOT your native language, then we will cut you some slack, to an extent.

  • Do not post spam.
    Spam is posts that add nothing to the discussion or simply have no meaning. These are posts which include very few words, or do not related to the topic. You must ensure your reply to each topic is well thought and of adequate length. This rule also includes creating useless topics, and double or triple posting.

  • Make sure a topic doesn’t exist before creating one.
    There is no point in having 39 topics on one game, this is why we have this rule. If you wish to make a topic about a game for example, use the SEARCH function to make sure a topic does not already exist.

  • Make sure your topics are in the correct place.
    Please ensure your topic is the correct category, each category on the forum homepage has a description to help you.

  • Use the edit button.
    If you have made a new post and realised you have missed something out, use the edit button. Do not make another reply. This is known as double posting.

  • Do not hot-link images.
    Do not post images hosted on another website’s server. If you wish to post an image use an image hosting site such as photobucket.com, imageshack.us or tinypic.com

  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or bigotry.
    A simple rule, just don’t do it or it’s an instant ban.

  • Do not abuse other members.
    We will in no way tolerate abuse towards another member, if you abuse or “flame” another member we will warn you. If you are a victim of abuse or have a problem with another member please contact an Admin or Moderator and we will deal with any problems.

  • No pornography or obscene content may be posted.
    There are younger members here and we will not tolerate any content that is not suitable for a minor. Pornography or any obscene content such as gore will not be tolerated at all.

  • Do not post links to “warez” or any other illegal material.
    Anyone posting information or linking to pirate software, illegally obtained mp3, video or program files is not permitted at all.

  • Swearing.
    You are allowed to swear but only in a non-abusive way, and in the correct context. But, people who we feel swear too much will be warned. So try to keep it clean please.

  • Spamming or advertising.
    Spamming these forums is not permitted and therefore will result in an instant ban. We do not tolerate spam in any way.

    Advertising your SEGA related websites or events will be considered by a member of the moderation team. Please note that we have a dedicated SEGA directory that these advertisements are to be found and request that anyone wishing to advertise in this way to do so using that forum.

  • Signature size.
    The maximum signature size is one picture of 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. This is in order to prevent big, page-stretching posts that have only one line or so of actual content, yet take a while to scroll over due to the size of the signature.

If you are found breaking rules, you will be warned. We operate a points system, if there are too many “infraction” points on your account you can be banned temporarily or permanently.

These rules are here to ensure RadioSEGA is a friendly welcoming forum with a focus on mature discussion relating to Sega and gaming in general.

Thank you for registering.

(Rules v2.1 - 9th February 2010)
RadioSEGA is a fan site and is not owned or endorsed by SEGA Corporation.
All music tracks played on this station are © SEGA and/or respective artist(s).
The SEGA logo and all associated characters are © & ™ of SEGA Corporation.

RadioSEGA is © 2009 Mark Kidley and © 2011-2013 Simon Shirley - oh, and probably Gavin Storey too!
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