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    Here is hiphop songs from RAMBO arcade

    Everyone who play this game should love to hear but sega didn't release full game soundtrack
    A member from sega-naomi.com extracted hiphop songs from RAMBO lindbergh disc one year ago

    In my...
  2. Replies

    I haven't play this game too just hope for...

    I haven't play this game too
    just hope for WAHLAP to translate this game to Chinese language and make it popular ,so that we can touch the most fantastic one in the classic game serie!
  3. Replies

    It's extremely hard to find where to play this...

    It's extremely hard to find where to play this game in China
    but never have been release to xbox and pc
    so I try to rip data from GD-ROM,such as adx,sfd,and sprite
    finally I got some awesome...
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    Virtua Cop 3 on PC. Will sega make it?

    I got a VC3 chihiro disc and i try to export them to hard disk
    I found two XBE files here is:
    and some BGM in H:\vc3\media\adx
    you can listen it with an ADX player

    I think...
  5. finally I extracted VC3 ADX music file in some...

    finally I extracted VC3 ADX music file in some method
    but how to send it legally?
  6. I just wondering why not release Virtua cop 3 and RAMBO OST?

    RAMBO(a 2008 lightgun shooting game),and VC3,both have not original soundtracks release,I hope to listen it in RADIOSEGA for free
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