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    Hi I'm BritGamer98 but you can call me BritGamer or Brit.

    Obviously I like SEGA. My favourite way to play games is handheld and my favourite game is Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    I am BritGamer98 on Steam. Add me.

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    Hi, I am very new here, have loved SEGA ever since I was a kid, about 26 years now, maybe more,maybe less, anywho, my name is Lauren and Iím glad to be a part of this, favorite games go to genesis, Golden Axe, Shining Force, Shadowrun, etc. Please PM me since I am new and donít know much, expect lots of Sonic and Golden Axe requests from me! Nice to meet you all

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dec 2014


    Welcome Lauren, hope you enjoy your stay here at RadioSEGA, and hopefully you find some stuff you like on our 24/7 stream!

    As for everyone else who I haven't greeted in other places, welcome all! Hopefully you've enjoyed what you've seen of the site so far.
    Host of Topical Resort - Your #1 Discussion and Topic Based Show! Fridays at 7PM GMT

    Ex-Host of The Dreamcast Hour - Talking about the best of SEGA's Final Console!

    Catch me talking nonsense at twitter.com/TheGreenViper8.

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    Nov 2018
    Where you'd least expect


    Greetings! I'm the Sma Man.

    I came here looking for some eccentric background music as I attempt National Novel Writing Month for the 5th time. (I'm currently 3-1, btw.) I used to love listening to GamingFM and VGAMP back in the day, and I never really found another online, request-enabled video game music station until now!

    Looking forward to taking in some great music with great people!

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    Member johnl's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Glasgow, Scotland


    Might aswell reintroduce myself. Joined the site years ago but fell away from gaming for years. Recently bought sega mega drive classics. Wow what an amazing collection. Then i remembered this place. 🙂

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    Welcome (back)! Yes it's a great collection.

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    Default Hi...

    Hi Iím cramtheman from the UK..51 yrs old and been a gamer since around 1977..currently building my first games room in my new house to house my hundreds of games and collectibles.
    Collect for all consoles but mainly my Saturn and Dreamcast.

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    Sep 2019


    My name is jmabate, from France. I am a player since 1983.
    during my adolescence, I made vgm covers with my keyboards and since 2 years, I redo covers from my childhood and joined the community Pixel Mixers that produces vgm tributes.
    I still play my favorite games, on megadrive , Saturn and Dreamcast and share this passion with my childrens.
    I am also a guitarist playing in 2 metal bands.

    Last edited by jmabate; 10-10-2019 at 19:46.

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