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    I was googling around trying to find podcasts to listen to while I draw, and came across radio sega. I like the streaming radio but I'm currently checking out the shows. Love the idea and the fact that they're not videos is good to my bandiwidth. Gotta love that radio show vibe and interaction!

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    Member Protobustersword's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    Whiting, Indiana


    I've sorta known about RadioSEGA for a while now. Back in October, I decided to follow them on Twitter, since they came up as some recommended people i should follow. I followed them, and I was curious enough to check them out. Welp I gotta say, I like what i hear . And as i said in my intro post, I'm a longtime fan of the Blue Hedgehog/Needlemouse and a member of =Sonic Blast= so this was a natural fit. Also, you can't go wrong with SEGA music!


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    Retro Gamer Markiegee50X's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Irondequoit, New York


    Just randomly popped in back in 2011, because I love Sega music!

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    I discovered RadioSEGA back in 2014 when my brother was joining. I eventually decided to join one night in 2015 to request music and I've been visiting it ever since.

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    Pretty simple really. I was looking for SEGA podcasts. Binged a load of episodes and decided to join yesterday.

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    Nov 2018
    U-19 Someshwara Square, Vesu Surat, Gujarat


    I was playing this game in my small mobile device and i found this website from google
    Thanks & regards

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    I was watching a video on Youtube (It was Peter Knetter) and in one of his videos Radio Sega popped up. Came here, listened to the music, made some requests, and now I think I'll stay. I like SEGA music (even though I grew up a Nintendo boy) and you can't go wrong with some Sonic, Puyo, Phantasy Star, and, of course, Burning Rangers.

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    I forget exactly how i found RadioSega, the mostly likely thing I can think of was finding some reference to it in a Sonic fan site somewhere. (This was back when i was going through college the first time)
    If I were insane... would I know it?

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