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    Default saturn back in business?

    so I finally decided to hook my saturn back up on a more permanent basis (its been years since I play dreamcast 110% of the time )

    so now I'm looking for a list of hack n slash games on the system (I prefer side scrolling, but rpg-ish stuff a la Legend Of Oasis will also do fine)

    I also finally picked up a saturn rgb scartlead today, so I'm hoping its gonna look at least half decent on my hdtv



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    I can't say that I know of any good hack and slashers, however, may I interest you in Shockwave Assault. (If you don't have it) It's a pretty good game, story-wise for a FPS.

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    Shining Wisdom? I don't play RPGs much, don't even know what technical terms like "hack and slash" mean. It's probably something really obvious, like your character having a sword, isn't it?
    Tic Tac, sir?

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    indeed, anything from Golden Axe to Diabolo is considered hack 'n slash

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    ~Keikan Koinu~ Rayne's Avatar
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    May 2008


    Hack & Slash = Button bashing, games like Devil May Cry & Ninja Gaiden.
    Loot Driven = Diablo
    Side Scrolling Beat em up = Golden Axe

    From what I understand

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    true, however; all 3 are button bashers when it comes to battle & therefor hack n slash

    I like the term "loot driven"

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    Well if you want a recommendation for a button masher, then Batman Forever is a fun game. Cheap and quite entertaining in a brainless way, especially in 2 player.
    Tic Tac, sir?

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