My mind has been on Puyo Puyo all day long, so I decided to load up one of my favorite arcade games - Karian Cross, a clone of Puyo Puyo. I've looked around the web for a good description of the game and I get none. The reason: a unknown company (Deniam) published a cliche puzzle game. After playing it several times, I have never felt a hint of story. But enough about the bad, let's look, as Monty Python puts it, on the bright side.

Music: The music from Karian Cross is upbeat, it makes you want to keep on going. It's what the average puzzle game sounds like. Score - 7

Graphics: Good. The pieces have different shapes depending on each characters, unlike the blobs from Puyo Puyo. I don't think there has ever been an apple in a line-them-up puzzle game before. Score - 9

Gameplay: Puyo Puyo rules with one exception - three in a row instead of four. Easy to play. Score - 8

Characters: Not a lot of background to them, due to the unknown storyline. They do have different occupations, which makes their game pieces different than the others. The AI does have a good learning system, though. Score - 6

Total Score - 30 out of 40

Not much I can review about a puzzle game. Right now, numbers don't matter. Even though it's almost exactly like Puyo Puyo, it still has an entertaining factor to it. If you'd like to play it, the company DotEmu has rights to operate the game from their older games site,