I really didn't feel as though I would have to post this, but apparently I do.

It seems as though nobody is all too aware of what to do when faced with the prospect of people doing "naughty things" in the chat room. Instead, they feel as though it's better to keep it bottled up, and then let loose when they feel appropriate, not when somebody is around to help. I've even seen empty threats of boycotting the site and getting the police involved.

First of all, if you're going to boycott an entire site over a little chat room, so be it. That's your choice, and I'm not going to drop on my knees and beg for you to stay. Might I remind you that, whilst I hold Founder status in the IRC, that room was not originally started as an official room. Secondly, as mentioned in a previous thread, you'll get nowhere if you try to get police involved. I wouldn't even bother.

Just so we get the point across, ONCE AND FOR ALL, RadioSEGA does not, has not, and never will condone the posting of links to porn, emulators, ROMs, or anything else that can be deemed illegal. If you want to send that kinda shit, do so in a private message, away from the main room/forum. This applies to the forums and the IRC.

If you witness somebody posting links in the IRC, you need to let either myself OR Trygon know. We will need a name, and preferably, an address. To get this, open up a PM window with them. It generally tells you the address next to their username, but that does depend on the IRC client being used. We can then ban that address.

It is as simple as that. No need to threaten anybody, no need to create threads with grammar so poor it makes Engrish look intellectual. Send me or Trygon a PM (I'm around more often than not), and we will deal with it.

From now on, any further threads created on this subject will be closed, and infraction points will be given.